Dr. Fragiskos Gaitis

Biologist-Food Microbiologist, Head of the Department of Food Analytical and Research Laboratories of Athens / Directorate of Laboratories, Hellenic Food Authority (EFET).

Former General Director of the Food Research and Technological Development Company (ETAT SA) and Former President of the Union of EFET employees (2016-2019). Coordinator or scientific responsible in 20 national and European funded projects, 15 publications in international journals, 33 presentations in International and Greek conferences, 10 presentations in workshops,  guest speaker in 6 workshops and a meeting of the Permanent Committee for Research and Technology of the Greek Parliament, 19 articles in sites and newspapers, 9 Textbooks, 1 Book on “Microbiological criteria in foods”. He is scientific coordinator of Subproject 3 in the emblematic action ‘Olive Roads’.


Η Εμβληματική Δράση "Οι δρόμοι της Ελιάς" χρηματοδοτείται από εθνικούς πόρους μέσω του
Προγράμματος Δημοσίων Επενδύσεων της Γενικής Γραμματείας Έρευνας και Τεχνολογίας